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Terms & Conditions

The owner will ensure their dog/s are vaccinated up to date and the appropriate flea & worm treatment has been applied according to veterinary advice.

The owner accepts full liability for any loss or damage caused by the dog/s whilst being walked or visited.

The owner agrees to make a full disclosure of any characteristics, behaviour or health problems which might deem your dog/s unsuitable to be left with a walker or attendant.

In the event of an emergency we will contact you or your nominated third party, if we are unable to contact either we reserve the right to make decisions regarding any emergency veterinary treatment or similar.

If veterinary advice or treatment is needed, either at your nominated veterinary surgery or at our own surgery, the owner accepts liability for payment of any veterinary fees incurred to us relating to owners dog/s.

The owner accepts that occasionally circumstances (Eg. Illness, holiday cover or similar ) may require another attendant or walker to visit or walk your dog/s.

Discounted rates only apply if booked in advance and pre-paid, the full rate will apply at all other times.

See Price List for our prices and terms of payment.


Phone: 07703 422 350
Email: info@walkieswithheather.co.uk