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Areas & Price List

Field Spaniel with frisbee

Walkies is able to offer services in the following areas:

  Bangor on Dee Malpas Tallarn Green
  Bronington Nomansheath Threapwood
  Grindley Brook Shocklach Whitchurch

Other areas by arrangement a mileage surcharge (0.50p per mile applies).

Group Walk – Up to 1hour exercise collect & return 

Occasional / post pay £ 13.00 per walk
Once a week pre-paid   £ 11.80 per walk
Twice or more a week pre paid £  10.00 per walk

In Home Day & Puppy visits – 30 min visit, maximum 3 dogs

Occasional / post pay £11.00 per visit
Once a week pre-paid   £  10.00 per visit
Twice or more a week pre paid £ 8.50 per visit
More than 3 dogs in your household POA


One2one walks

please contact to discuss or poa


Canine Car – Accompanied transport (per hour)

Price on application

Security Benefits - Must be booked with another service (per day)

Draw curtains, bring mail in, lights £  1.00


NOTE: To take advantage of the discounted rates you must book and pay  in advance, otherwise the full rate will be charged. Please See Terms of payment for more detail.
Weekends, Evenings & Public Holidays by arrangement, additional charges will apply.


Terms of Payment

Discounted visits/walks must be booked and paid in advance, all other services must be paid for upon completion of the final weekly walk/visit.

Payment can be made by cheque, cash or direct bank transfer..


Phone: 07703 422 350
Email: info@walkieswithheather.co.uk